Better Together is a collage of personal stories of South Africans who have crossed cultural and racial divides to connect and break down barriers. These stories tell tales of deep hurt and fear, suffering and bondage, as well as great moments of overcoming and freedom. They will not only touch your heart, but also challenge your thinking. Better Together provides practical pointers for people wishing to play a role in reigniting the dream of a rainbow nation, one which embodies true racial reconciliation and solidarity.
“I know hardly any intervention in the church community in South Africa today that intentionally confronts the enduring sin of racism, as a key discipleship issue, as Roger’s book does. It is an honest account of ongoing life-on-life discipleship. Unassuming and hard hitting, it unmasks the deceitfulness and self-justification of racism, submitting it to the rigours of God’s Word… Better Together brings fresh energy to the task of contextualizing the Gospel in post-Apartheid South Africa. It calls us all to let go of our tribal comfort zones, the ideological bondages of our past, in order to embrace the new thing that God is doing in our nation.” — Rev. Moss Ntlha of the Evangelical Alliance of South Africa
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Roger and his wife, Nicola, are the Lead Elders of the Every Nation Church in Rosebank (previously called His People), and head up the ten Every Nation congregations in Johannesburg. Roger also leads the Every Nation Apostolic Leadership Team in Africa. He has a distinct leadership gift and has walked a journey with many churches, teams and companies, helping them overcome relational obstacles and come into their next season. Roger addresses contemporary issues through his bimonthly YouTube video blogs on the Every Nation Southern Africa channel.
 "Congratulations for this great read Pastor Roger Pearce. This book mirrors the lives of thousands of believers in Africa. I am a follower of your blog and it is an answered prayer for me to finally read and treasure the first of many authored books. God bless you, your family and Africa." - Jhaycee Tongko "Everyone who wants to do multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-generational life and church, should read this important and well written book!" - Steve Murrell "It is a wonderful read. Very thought provoking. Great job!" - Cathy Laffoon "Fantastic read for all South Africans." - Dorian Wrigley "Proud of my pastor." - Phindy Maphosa "Time to be inspired! Learning how this book on crossing the divide in South Africa can help cross the divide in Hong Kong and beyond! Pastor Simon Lerefolo and Pastor Roger Pearce, you guys are an inspiration to me and all of us in HK. We also have a lot of racial fear in HK and one day it is my dream to bring a team from Every Nation Hong Kong to learn from you guys! My eyes were sweating a bit when I was reading your stories!" - Samuel Ng "Thank you Roger Pearce for sharing these stories and giving us a tool to challenge our prejudices. By His grace we can be better together!" - Monique Joy Williams "I finished your book a few weeks ago. I must say I enjoyed Shaun's chapter probably the most - profound insights for such a young dude, well done! Hope for the future of South Africa. Thanks for writing and putting these important stories together. Every story matters - because of the individual nature of each story, I am convinced each account speaks to someone specific out there. May this inspire more people to start sharing their stories - someone out there needs to hear it - for healing, for understanding, for belonging, maybe forgiveness or at least to spark that necessary difficult conversation that has been burning to happen." - Miemie Spies "Pastor Roger...your book!! So needed! Thank you, thank you for doing this!" - Sarah Bryce